Founded in 2007, the Burnink Tattoo Studio has a mission to provide highly professional custom and safe tattoos in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.
We are a professional tattoo studio that specializes in realistic, Japanese (oriental), Dark, Black & Grey, Cartoon and Colour style. We offer a personalized and 100% safe tattoo with full sterilization guaranteed.
Our artists are able to draw and tattoo all your ideas and projects. We produce custom designs so that each of our tattoos is unique and customized to your tastes and requirements. Check out our artists folio to appreciate the quality of their work.
We strive to create for each client a unique and personalized style. That's why we ask you ,out of respect for tattoo artists and especially for those who wear them ,not to copy the tattoos shown on this web site.


1- Come in at our studio and it will be a pleasure for us to discuss about your project with you and answer your questions.

2- Check the folio of our tattoo artists, choose your favorite and let him or her create your custom tattoo.

3- Choose a time range to reserve yours and leave a deposit that will guarantee your appointment.

4- Come to your appointment and live the Burnink experience! You will come out changed!

N.B.: Appointments must be taken in person at the shop only.